Response #5- FRBR Vs. Linked data- Katherine K.

Upon reading the two readings about metadata, it is still astonishing me how different two processes can be especially since they do ultimately serve the same function. Although having choices is good, it may be just be but it seemed overall Dublin Core had a more user friendly appeal then FRBR. While FRBR was easy to understand, I didn’t like the terms it used overall to describe how to put in author, title, etc. It seemed all unnecessary to me and maybe due to the visuals used in the article to explain how all its terms related to each other that it seemed ultimately very confusing. I understand more now about people’s strong preferences towards one metadata schema vs. the other, whereas before it seemed very unnecessary. Now upon seeing how FRBR is structured, I can definitely see the need to overall fight very deeply about certain schemas over the other. I look forward to seeing more examples and how individuals in our field perceive one schema vs. the other.


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