Weekly response Week #5 FRBR and Linked Data – Val Ramshur

And, like all really useful gadgets such as the computer and the mobile phone, we should expect a revolution in how we continue to develop and use our long-time, traditional expertise and practices

This weeks readings are another discussion on how things need to change. How no one seems to agree and one again how to keep things easy for the user. Which neither reading did for me.

My head spins reading the Baker piece , this is a good example of “learn by doing”. Reading about this process is hard for me. Getting my hands dirty while doing it may make the process clearer. So many acronyms, heavy dry theoretical explanations , spin me around. And frankly lose me. Struggling to understand what I am reading to be honest and therefore losing interest.

Tillets, “What is Ferber “ is clearer to me in someways, maybe due the visual layout , But again discussions on relationships,works, expressions, etc. Has me a bit confused. I look forward to a class discussion on this for clarity,


About Valerie R.

Head of Costume Design, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. Freelance Professional Costume Designer, and Archivist.

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