Classification Systems- Katherine K.

The readings this week was certainly interesting. The “Nature of Classification” by Langridge really kept me engaged and explained step-by-step what classification systems are, how they are more common then they think and how they really do affect our day-to-day lives. Overall, I found this very help as a sort of “introduction” to the topic.

It was also very informative to hear Ranganathan’s theory’s of classification, since only previously in our readings he has been only cited by other authors. His idea about classification seems very in tune with his culture– a very metaphysical feel. While upon seeing how a call number would have been if his method was used more often instead of the one established by Library of Congress, it would be very difficult to work with since they are very long. But I’m glad the history was discussed also by the article we read entitled “What’s so great About the Dewey Decimal system?” The flow of all these articles were in a perfect order since by the time we got to Ranganathan’s article, we had some knowledge about the history of classification systems. Hearing Ranganathan’s history though was very informative, and he did put together a great classification system for its time period. He tried to help recognize the library community about how vast certain topics could be and that we should not limit them to one section. Another interesting topic he helped change was how books were sorted on the shelves (not by topic but by call number or size of the books themselves). Despite the obvious complexity of his call numbers, the classification system he helped develop gave order and clarity to how to sort the books themselves.


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