Maureen McElroy

Melville Dewey–respect won and lost in three pages.  I had to learn the Dewey Decimal System every year of grammar school but knew very little why it was developed or anything about the person.  I am firm believer that one is either part of the problem or part of the solution–so reading that he developed this system in response from working in a library–I admire this (also I thought it was interesting that he developed a need for efficiency as a result of thinking he was going to die).  I know when I am working, I am always looking for the most efficient ways and creating systems/processes for me to accomplish my work.  I though it was a great article–I do love how the Dear Abbey setup (question/answer).  The article builds up the man and his creation, then hits you with reality–he was a jerk, no saint for sure.

I really enjoyed the Ranganathan article, so much so, that I want to read more about him and work.  The article highlighted two of his major accomplishments: Colon Classification (what little was written about it–I do not think I could fully wrap my head around it) and the 5 laws of Library Science (I think is awesome–simple and direct and I think I have found my new mantra for my new career).


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