Weekly Response, Anna Murphy

Taylor’s description of the issues in subject analysis with the sociology example gave me such a pang of regret, I really wish I had known these subtleties when performing research in undergrad. For my senior thesis, I was tackling a topic that was largely based on perspectives; I needed to read both about the Gender Studies field’s perspective on Child Psychology and the Media, as well as psychological studies on Gender and Media. I knew I couldn’t have been the first person to make these connections, yet I rarely found material that incorporated all three of these fields. Had I been a savvier searcher, or simply asked a librarian, I may have been able to employ some better research methods to find this information. I was searching “what is it about?” (Gender Studies AND Media AND Child Psychology) when I should have been searching “what is it for?” (Gendered perspectives on children’s psychological interactions with the media). With a basic knowledge of subject strings, I may have been better able to find this specific meeting of these subjects.


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