Katherine M: Weekly Response Post

Opening Artist’s Books to the User provides insightful commentary about cataloguing unique objects. Similar to other cataloguing methods we’ve studied this semester, the blame is partially put on a lack of agreed upon standards. This would make sense considering the new format and the niche interest, though much of our literature from this semester has stressed this point without reference to more esoteric items. Parts of the article reminded me of the zine collection we discussed with our guest speakers two weeks ago, such as how to interpret content for subject heads when the author’s intent is not altogether clear.  Even if standards could be agreed on within cataloguing, it seems impossible to guarantee standard descriptions because of the subjectivity of language and our own experiences. Even the thesaurus construction article highlighted this fact with categories that could be interchanged.  Thesaurus construction actually seems like one of the more important contributing elements to building cataloguing technology; I imagine it would be more helpful to have a range of subject headings leading to topics to encompass groups within a global community.


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