Maureen McElroy, weekly response

I found the article entitled Opening Artist’s Books to the User very interesting, especially given I am interested in art and had never heard of Artist’s Books as an art form (I actually went online to read more about it).

I do think and it was highlighted in the article that cataloging in this case should be a collaborative effort.  I would not feel comfortable adding anything that might be interpreted as opinion and would have to consult outside sources. How are other works of art cataloged?   Aren’t records allowed to be changed?–is it not important unltimately to get the item into the collection.  In the absence of complete guidance/policy one can only do the best that one can–and that is why guidance/policy is needed.  Isn’t their always a risk that any one record can limit the users ability to find it.  This article makes creating a record a research projectIt seems that when cataloging nontraditional items, one has to step outside the norm while at the same time come up with a standard as well.  Like my fellow classmates indicated in their post, I too, thought of our speaker regarding the zine collection.  It seems that standards are created while creating the collection and what is important is to share your process.


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