Weekly Response : week 10

Making Connections! Worlds starting to collide!

This week’s reading on Data Management and the organizing of data in research projects was very helpful for me.  The reading on Codebooks- was harder to grasp for me, I was left more with the how and when I would be interfacing with this type of material, then the actual understanding of the process.   But interesting nonetheless.  I found that I could apply both the readings on Data Management and Citying Bytes to my work and world as a designer and that for me is exciting, to finally be able to start  to be making connections between my two worlds.

What is Data Management :

The article clearly set forth the process of controlling data used in research projects – a  daunting and extreamely important task to be sure. From the Research Data – to Data Sharing , I found the creation of an effective data management plan seems to be key. The tab labeled “data planning” showed the easy to follow descriptons of elements needed to create this plan.

Citing Bytes – Adventures in Data Citation: How is a scarf like a dataset?    By Sarah Callaghan

“The yarn in a ball doesn’t contain any information or structure, but by the act of putting stitches into it, you’re encoding something… My scarf was created by a process of appending- each new row got added to the previous, like a dataset where each new measurement gets appended on to the previous one to make a time series”( Callaghan)

I appreciated the simple,clear language of this piece. The analogy of knitting and data sets is helpful. I found myself thinking about my work as a designer, and the production books I have to keep-all that is metadata!  You don’t need any of this information to see the costumes in the show, but it is important to keep it if you want to study or recreate the costumes!  Which people do!. I too have to keep metadata from the start of a project and and store it somewhere safe, going back is nearly impossible or worse-time consuming drudgery. I began to think about everything I create- and the meta data that goes with it let alone the research and the planning and organizing of every project i take on.


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Head of Costume Design, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. Freelance Professional Costume Designer, and Archivist.

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