Data Security- Katherine K.

The web page on Data security intrigued me immensely, since many current events lately have been as a result of this. It encouraged librarians to back up their data as well as verify the safety of the cite itself. It reminded me of a quote from the movie Sex Tape where the main male character says “No one knows how the Cloud works!” As a result, his private materials was able viewable between several family members and friends. This also recently occurred to Jennifer Lawrence, an actress in the Hunger Games. Not to suggest we as librarians are dealing with certain kinds of materials, but we should be aware of these possible happenings. Such as, odds are a few of us in the program have a desire to become an Archivist. As archivists, we should become familiar with the ins and outs of the software we are using. Therefore, this will aid us in becoming more familiar with technologies and not releasing our database information before we are ready.


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