Katherine M: Weekly Response Post

The concept of a ‘data curator’ really stood out in the Bryan Heidorn article as a dynamic expression. As material is now digital, mass information output makes preservation a layered task and as the Bryan Heidorn article points out, “libraries are among the only institutions with the capacity to curate many data types.”  Having technical skills and tools helps with only one step, determining information worth storing is a major component.

Even so, we are still in early stages of understanding how digital media can be archived to prevent future readability in an age of rapid technological development.  Still, Heidorn believes libraries have “organizational culture” necessary to approach and harness this project.

This article influenced me to find out more about the UK Digital Curation Centre, “founded to solve problems in digital curation”, and a few other sites mentioned. I recently studied the MIT Laboratory for Social Machines, which considers the impact of online social platforms. Projects of the sort will help with an aspect of data curation, as we begin to understand the impact of new media.


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