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Intro: Rachel O’Neill

Rachel Skinner-O’Neill…

Heralds from the U.K.  – Salford born (northerner), grew up in Belfast and London before emigrating to Sydney, Australia and moved to Brooklyn in 2007. Currently a page in the mapping division at NYPL aka the Lion Building, occasional consultant to Oz publishers and literary agents (post former life as literary agent). Following the LEO path at Pratt special interest in Literacy, Outreach and Youth Services. Would like work either in a public library or a not-for-profit educational environment (and, in my dreams, at UNESCO).

This is my third semester, aiming to graduate in June 2015.

Guilty pleasure(s): dark peppermint chocolate frogs imported from Haighs, Australia. Romance novels. Travel, preferably of the international kind.

Member of the Navigators: Diana, Elizabeth, Maureen, and me!


Katie M’s Intro

Name: Katie Martinez
Where I’m from: California
Current work: Database Operations/Development at Pratt Institute
Educational goal at Pratt: A deeper understanding of digital assets management
Work interest: Artist archive/media library
Semester at Pratt: Second
Guilty pleasure: Local baseball stadium food!
Group: Katherine, Katie M (me), Emily, Eugene

Intro post

Name: Christina T

Where are you from? Born in Hong Kong; lived in California, Virginia, New York

Current work or internship: Work in publishing and creative services for an NGO.

Educational goal at Pratt? Figure out how design and publishing skills can be applied to academic librarianship.

In what kind of museums/libraries are you interested in working? University library, maybe one specializing in digital scholarship and publishing.

Semester at Pratt: First

What’s your guilty pleasure? Road trips (Does not being eco-friendly make it a guilty pleasure?)

What group are you in? El Tigre (with Scarlett, Erin, and Kyle)

Example Intro Post: Starr Hoffman

In class tonight, we’re going to write up quick intro posts. This will both help you get to know your classmates, and give you a quick crash-course in posting to the class blog. Please post your answers to the items below:

  • Name:
  • Where are you from?
  • Current work or internship:
  • Educational goal at Pratt?
  • In what kind of museums/libraries are you interested in working?
  • Semester at Pratt:
  • What’s your guilty pleasure?
  • What group are you in?

My answers are….

  • Name: Starr Hoffman
  • Where are you from? Um… surprisingly tough question. 😉  Born in California, raised in Texas (grew up in San Antonio, adult in Dallas), lived in Ukraine during 2012, and have been in NYC since 2013.
  • Current work or internship: In addition to teaching at Pratt, I’m the Journalism & Data Resources Librarian at Columbia University.
  • Educational goal at Pratt? To help us learn and explore ways to organize information together–and have some fun!
  • In what kind of museums/libraries are you interested in working? I’ve been working in academic libraries since 2005.
  • Semester at Pratt: This is my third semester teaching at Pratt.
  • What’s your guilty pleasure?  Mine is eating vanilla frosting out of the can, reading YA fantasy, and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • No group for me! 😉

Michele – First Day of Class in LIS-653

I am enjoying my first night of class with my wonderful new classmates and great professor.   In answer to “my favorite section of the library” that would be Art History.

This evening we had a wonderful group/class discussion of the different ways that important articles/data in our lives are organized – and the pros and cons of the various methods we employ.  Many members of the class cited the desire to have a better organized digital world  –  thus, no more cluttered desktops, searching around for PDFs, or sorting through an avalanche of screen captures.

In keeping with this evening’s discussion, I found this very helpful video on cleaning up a MAC desktop.

Intro Post for Starr

This is a sample intro post, in case that wasn’t obvious…

Hi, my name is Starr! My educational goal here at Pratt is to help all of us learn from the texts, experiences, and from each other. My favorite section of the library is actually a tie: 1) travel books and 2) comics and graphic novels! I could get lost in those sections for hours.