Getting Started in WordPress

During the semester, it’s helpful to your professor and fellow classmates if your WordPress account gives everyone an idea who you are, with your full name and a photo every time you post a comment, or write a blog post on your class website. Follow these easy instructions to tailor your profile!

To change your display name in WordPress:

1. When you’re logged into our wordpress page, you’ll see “ME” at the top left of the page.
2. Click on “ME” and then onto “EDIT PROFILE.”
3. Scroll down to the section of your profile entitled “BASIC DETAILS.”
4. In the “DISPLAY NAME PUBLICLY AS” section, type in your full name (i.e. Jean-Luc Picard).
5. Make sure to click “UPDATE PROFILE.”
6. You may need to sign out and sign in again to see the new display name.

To upload a photo for your profile:
In the PHOTOS section under EDIT PROFILE, click on “add a photo through Gravatar.” This should bring you to Gravatar’s website where you may have to register. Once you have registered with Gravatar and submitted your photo, it may take some time before it appears on the WordPress blog.

For more information on using WordPress, see this tutorial.